Cooking Wine

5L White Premium_July 16 Web CropT5L Red Premium_July 16 Web Crophe grapes that are used for the production of Cuisinewine Cooking Wine come from the arid but fertile region of La Mancha in central Spain, south of Madrid. This area is ideal for growing grapes because the yield per hectare is not very high, however this ensures a premium quality which is essential to creating a quality cooking wine.

The tradition of wine-making, which is ingrained the region’s culture and customs, dates back centuries and as a result the wines from these area are currently considered to be one of the finest and most prestigious in the world.

Cuisinewine Cooking Wine has a reduced ABV and, through the addition of a pinch of salt, is classified as a condiment and therefore not subject to duty or VAT.

Even with the lower ABV we try to ensure that our products do not lose any of the natural flavours or characteristics of the wine, including the tannins, which need to remain intact in order to tenderise meat. We always aim to achieve a high standard which has led to many kitchens and businesses to start using our cooking products saving them money on their alcohol budget.

Cuisinewine Cooking Wines are available in 3L, 5L & 10L wipe clean Bag-in-Box for easy use in the professional kitchen.

They have a 18 month shelf life from the date of manufacture and six weeks once opened. They are to be used in exactly the same way as traditional full ABV wines

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